Close but no cigars… We got close, but failed… Again. JOHN SMITH ROCK FESTIVAL 2021 IS CANCELLED! Due to the uncertain global situation, travel restrictions and uncertainty in local restrictive measures we are forced to focus our thoughts and efforts on next July, 21.-23.7.2022!  We fought till the bitter end, and, no need to say, would have wanted to organize, but now it’s time to admit the facts and to congratulate the winner! ”F**k You, C-19! You won the second round, but there is always gonna be the next one… So you’d better be ready, sucker!”

We do not intend to compromise on quality now or in the future, and due to the uncertainties mentioned we have not been able to reach a solution that satisfies us and respects our customers.

Plans for the upcoming year are still mainly in our heads and on the drawing board, and we don’t have much to reveal yet, but as soon as we do have, we´ll let you know, immediately! All the details concerning this year’s festival (refund; tickets, accommodation,…) below. After all the crap and disappointment, we, JSRF-crew, would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, and hope to see you all at the John Smith Rock Festival sooner than you think, just in 14 months…

The tickets and the camping spaces bought for the JSRF 2020 / 2021 are valid for the JSRF 2022 as they are, so no action needed with them. check the instructions for ticket refund at www.johnsmith.fi/en/info